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If you have a music-related website or a mailing list, you can make money by promoting Chord Pickout. Just publish a download link for Chord Pickout and you will get 40% of each sold copy. The system manages our affiliate program. They take upon themselves transferring the commission fee to your account and send you a check each month. To participate in our program, you must register as an affiliate at It is free to register in this system. You will get your affiliate identifier after the registration. For the affiliate system to be able to transfer your commission fee to your account, you must publish a special download link with your affiliate identifier specified in it. When a user downloads Chord Pickout using the link at your site, a cookie is saved to his or her computer. After the user purchases the program, Plimus will recognize your cookie and transfer 40% of the sum to your account.

 Why should you participate in the program?

• It's easy. To participate in the program, you should just register in the affiliate system and publish a link at your site.
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