In Less than 60 Seconds You Can Know All the Chords
to the Song You Want to Play...

  • Without searching legally questionable tab websites crawling with malware and annoying ring-tone pop-up adds.
  • Without wasting your time on inaccurate tabs guessed at by some hack in his basement.
  • Without paying $24.95 or more for books of sheet music containing 30 songs you don't need!
  • Without paying $3.99 per song for digital sheet music!
  • Without driving down to the music store to flip thru the pages of a song book just to find 3 or 4 chords you need.
  • Without the frustration of straining to figure out that 20-second section of the song listening to it over and over and over...moving from your guitar to your PC keyboard...back and forth..back and forth...just to get those couple of chords you can't figure out.
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I'm a Musician Like You.
I Wanted a Better Way to Tab My Favorite Songs
So I Invented a Better Way...

Like a lot of musicians, I don't have perfect pitch. Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out one or two chords in a song. And it drives me crazy.

And I hate tab sites. Seems like my PC gets a new virus or spy bug every time I check one!

         That's why I invented Chord Pickout.

All it takes is a couple of clicks and you've got all the chords to the song...

         Step 1. Click "File".
         Step 2. Click "Open Song".
         Step 3. Browse to the song on your harddrive and double click the file.

That's it. Chord Pickout does all the rest.

         First it uploads the song...that takes about 10 seconds.
         Then it analyzes the song...about 30 seconds.
         Then it immediately displays the chords on your screen.

Can't figure out what chord's being played at the 2:25 mark?

Chord Pickout makes it easy to find by displaying the song in 7-second intervals.

You can go right to the point of the song you're having trouble with and you'll see the chord!

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Less than one minute to download and install!

WARNING! Despite What Other Sites May Tell You...
No Tab Software is Perfect!

What Chord Pickout does NOT give you...

         x A full note-by-note transcription of the song....that kind of software does not exist.
         x A 100% perfect tab for the song...that kind of software does not exist.
         x The lyrics to the song...that kind of software does not exist.

Well, OK, there might be software that can do some of those...but certainly not at the price I'm charging for Chord Pickout!

No, Chord Pickout is not perfect. There may be "extra" chords in the transcription. There may be some minor chords indicated where the chord is actually a major. That's not because the software is "wrong" or "buggy"...that's because music is complex. Especially music with many different instruments playing all at once.

         No transcription or tab software will get every chord right. But...

My 100% Money Back Performance Promise
from One Musician to Another...

     If you've spent time tabbing songs in the past...
     If you know what you're doing and you're not a complete beginner at guitar or piano...
     If you hate the viruses, pop ups and inaccuracies of most tab sites...

And if you try Chord Pickout and don't think it's the easiest, most convenient musical "collaborator" you've every worked with, I'll happily refund your investment any time within 60 days!

Happy Playing!
Alex Konoplev
Chord Pickout

Get Yours Now!

It takes less than a minute to download and install.

File Size: 1.5 Mb
Platforms: Windows Vista/7/XP, Mac OS X 10.4+
Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV & CD Audio formats

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“With a little music knowledge and this program, you can easily figure out any song. It's good enough for someone with enough music sense to knock out the chords in no time.”

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“If you are not blessed with perfect pitch, picking out the chords being used by listening to a band can be a long and arduous task. Chord Pickout is a very clever tool that will reduce your chord identification chore to a matter of minutes.”

John O'Halloran Australian Computer Trader magazine

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